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ReThink Medical is a medical device and digital health company developing a wrist-worn monitoring device.

Our technology is designed to predict and prevent heart failure hospitalizations through compliance-centric continuous physiologic monitoring & machine learning.

Most Heart Failure
Are Preventable

Heart Failure

Individuals who suffer from heart failure lack the tools to monitor their condition, allowing the disease to progress without proper treatment until they require hospitalization.

Over half of those who develop heart failure will die within 5 years. It is one of the leading causes of hospitalizations and healthcare cost.


Our Solution

ReThink technology uses state of the art algorithms and artificial intelligence to potentially detect worsening conditions weeks in advance - even before noticeable symptoms.

Data-driven therapy can allow ample time for proper treatment to prevent hospitalization, improve quality of life, and save billions in healthcare costs.

We've designed a proactive approach to managing heart failure patients with a focus on compliance, simplicity, and accuracy.


Comfortable wrist-worn device with long battery life drives high compliance


No patient interface and unobtrusive design allows the device to blend into the background


Proprietary hardware and motion artifact mitigation create high measurement accuracy


Reza Naima, PhD

CEO | Founder

Vivek Kesaree

Strategy | Co-Founder

Mack Gamahewage

Operations | Co-Founder

Andrew DiGiore


Nicole Miner

Office Manager

Clayton Lepak

Senior R&D Engineer

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R&D Engineer

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Electrical Engineer


Liviu Klein

Liviu Klein, MD, MS

Chief Scientific Advisor
Bill Mavity

Bill Mavity

Strategic Advisor
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Maria Rosa Costanzo, MD

Scientific Advisor
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William Abraham, MD

Scientific Advisor